I’m here to be your inspiration – nothing more, nothing less. Just inspiration.

Vegan Home Food is a place where you can find cruelty free food recipes created by a vegan girl who cooks for a vegan boy.


I’m inviting you to our vegan life to show you it’s nothing hard to go vegan. Vegan for animals, vegan for our water, vegan for world hunger, vegan for the rain forest, vegan for compassion, vegan for wild life, vegan for our health, vegan for peace, vegan for our planet – your choice.

In kitchen I love art of mixology, I don’t know what means “too much garlic”, I always watch movies when I cook, I love my live and of course I’m queen in my kitchen.

From small, cosy home with vegan love to you: you can do it.

…and yes, go ahead, match, mix and change – find your own way of the best recipe without animal suffering.

…so be a boss in your kitchen and let’s cook vegan!